Art, Recycling the Sea and Me.


I was born in Brighton as were generations of my family before me, you could say the sea is in my blood, you could also say that art is too.  

Ever since I was a child I have scribbled, drawn and painted, I have taken various career paths and raised a family and through it all continued to create.

Recycling has also been part of my life, all our old clothes went to the rag man, we returned glass bottles to the shops, collected foil and milk bottle tops and every thing was mended and reused.

These days it is a bit of a passion, I spend a lot of time on beaches, collecting wood, plastic,glass and metal, anything that looks interesting. I help to clean the environment at the same time as finding materials to create many wierd and wonderful works of art, how perfect is that and how lucky am I.

Gillian Connor.


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